couple of 2 day new books added to Oracle docs.

I am sure every one consult/refer to Oracle documentation very frequently.
In addition to 2 Day DBA, today, I have found couple of 2 day books added to the Docs. Library of 10gR2.

These books provide background information for new users:

2 Day + Real Application Clusters Guide
2 day + Performance Tuning Guide.

This is really a good idea for the new users as instead of going across many pages to find the information, now, they can simply get digest concepts in few pages.

New users, who are keen to learn about RAC and Performnace Tuning, they simply can start with those books.


Happy reading,



Mohammed Taj said...

Hi Jaffar,

Yes it is very helpful for newbie or also professional to get quick view on any topic with help of 2 DAY books.


Anonymous said...

Hi!, if you permit it, I will formulate a question.

It's possible that a one server (Xeon 3gz 2BG ram) with oracle 9i in windows 2003 can give real support to more than 30 designers (30 Windows xp clients) using "Oracle Designer" at the same time (Obviously using the repository)? The CPU goes crazy in some operations. I ask this because in my school in a DB class have this scenario and we can't work as we wish.

Sorry if this is not following the meaning of your blog, but there is no other place where I can ask this.

Thanx in advance and congratulations for your blog, It have a lot of good information.

D.N.A.S said...

Hi Jaffar,
have you ever got involved with Oracle e-biz 11i installation on UNIX platform?
I'm currently looking for any related documentation especially on the O.S pre-requisites.
It would be great if you could recommend the links.