Desktop RAC - Virtually installed and configured.

I have successfully implemented a Desktop RAC scenario which is provided by Oracle at http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/linux/vmware/index.html.

Initially I have downloaded all the four zip files required to test the Desktop RAC for Red Hot Linux, there are two zip files for Novell SUSE as well.

Note: you are required to register with VMware and Red Hot Linux in order to get the trail version of that software and a unique number.

Following are the two issues I have come across while implementing Desktop RAC.

1. One of the zip file download contains VMware workstation 5.3 download from the VMware site. Unfortunately you see a message at VMware site that VMware workstation 5.3 is no more available for download and it suggest you to download VMware workstation 5.5 version.
This is required because you need to get the unique key to validate the VMware installation.

I have first installed VMware workstation 5.5 and skipped the VMware installation part while running Oracle installation.

2. First two zips contain Oracle RAC software for Linux and each zip contains Disk1 folders respectively. The problem was that while unzipping zip files which has same folder names respectively, needed to rename and this cause problem while setup as the step looking for all the required files under the Disk1 folder. What I did was to cross compare the folder in the Disk1 folders respectively and copy the missing in to one Disk1 folder.

After couple of unsuccessful attempts, finally I have done with Desktop RAC. I can see that Red Hot Linux 4.0 OS installed, Oracle RAC (10gR2) with ASM configured.
Also, it gives you bunch of examples step-by-step in documentation to test the scenarios.
The implementation gives you two instances and a database named as RACDB with ASM configured.

This is good for the beginners to have RAC installed on a PC which doesn’t require state-of-the-art hardware.

I guess, this is not good for an experienced DBA. You can’t install CRS, create RAC database and configuration and etc.

For me, it’s a good chance to start and make myself familiar with RAC commands and do some testing before I go for any training or work with production.

If I come across any good issues, I will update on my blog.

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Charles Schultz said...

Trying this myself. Unfortunately, the readme says to run the setup.exe found in dvd 1. There is no dvd 1. You download dvd2 for Linux and VMWare. Strange. I also tried the Oracle downloads, but searching my folders revealed no setup.exe. More to follow, I guess. =)

Anonymous said...

Why the VMWare images were pulled off?
I wanted to get it to test my app on RAC.


Don said...

Don't suppose there's any chance you still have those files archived anywhere?? Seems that everything has vanished from both Oracle and Red Hot..... If you've got them please shoot me a note on my blog...