New PC!!

Last night I brought a new PC with the latest configuration (I guess). PC contains 2 GB RAM, 250GB hard disk (7600 rpm), dual processor, DVD r/w and Intel original mother board.

Buying PC with the good configuration was a long pending task which fulfilled last night. This is the first step towards my OCM preparation where I would like test all the scenarios mentioned in the OCM Exam topics.


Second step would be attending the Oracle RAC course to satisfy the prerequisites of having attended two advanced courses conducted by OU. Although, I don’t like the idea two advanced courses attendance to meet the prerequisite, I have to attend against my will if I want to go for OCM.

Final step would be attending for OCM exam.

To meet the second and final step, I need quite a good time as I am paying it from pocket and I would be happier if my employer comes forwards and ready to sponsor for this, which won’t look possible because of the amount.

Hopefully, by end of this year, I will be in a position to invest money on this ** PROJECT** and appear for OCM.

Happy reading,



Anonymous said...

Will you be loading Linux?

The Human Fly said...


The beauty of the application desktop RAC package provided by the Oracle is that it will install Linux (red hot / suse), vmvare and RAC.


Mohammed Taj said...

Hi jaffar,

Wish You All The Best For OCM Certification.

Best Regards