Oracle ACE Director - Now includes Database and Development categories

Well, sometime back, Tim had discussed about the new look and feel of Oracle ACE page on the OTN and also about Oracle ACE Director Program at his blog http://www.oracle-base.com/blog/2007/07/23/oracle-ace-director/. His question was about the Oracle ACE Directors category and point out that none of the existing ACE Directors are nor Database neither Development community. All from Fusion Middleware community.

This morning I have noticed an email from the Oracle ACE Program team stating that the Oracle ACE Director is now opened for Database and Developers community as well.

Not only will Oracle Fusion Middleware Regional Directors now be known as Oracle ACE Directors, but we have also opened it up to include Oracle Database performance/management and application development experts.”

What this means to you as an Oracle ACE
The Oracle ACE program will continue to be managed as it has been. The new benefit is that you may be eligible for the Oracle ACE Director level. Oracle ACE Directors are well known experts in their field and have committed to participating in a dialog with Oracle and their local technical community.

Well, its good to know that Oracle is considering critics, whether it is an open letter to Larry about the AWR licencing or including database and development categories for Oracle ACE Director program and taking quick actions.

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