Presenting RMAN 1 day seminar in Sweden and Denmark

I will be presenting one day seminar on RMAN basic and advanced concepts in Sweden and Denmark on 26th & 27th September respectively.

The course index is as follows:

Backup & Recovery Concepts
  • What is backup and why backups are important?
  • What is recovery?

Backups Methods
  • Logical Backups (Export/Import and Data Pumps)
  • Cold Backups Hot Backups (Consistent & Inconsistent Backups)

Recovery Manager (RMAN) Architecture & Concepts
  • RMAN Introduction and Architecture
  • Performing Backups using RMAN Recovery Catalog Maintenance

Different levels of Backups
  • Mechanism of Incremental Backups
  • Block Change Tracking Concepts

Flash Recovery Area (FRA)
  • Introduction FRA Concepts and Benefits

Recover Database
  • Recovering from different scenarios Instance/Crash Recovery
  • Media Recovery
  • Complete Recovery
  • Incomplete Recovery

Block Recovery RMAN Advanced Topics
  • Automatic Point-in-Time Recovery (TSPITR)
  • Cloning Database
  • Creating Standby Database/Rolling Upgrade
  • Transportable Tablespaces from RMAN Backups Cross- Platform
  • Transportable Tablespaces Cross Platform Database

Anyone wants to register for Denmark seminar, use the following url to register for the seminar.


Those who are in Sweden and willing to attend this seminar, can use the following url and register for the seminar.


Since this is my ever first international seminar, I am bit nervous and at the same time excited about the opportunity.

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Mohammed Moinuddin Umair said...


How was your experience with RMAN seminar.

Please share your experiences.


The Human Fly said...


Seminars are schedule during September.
I will definately discuss abou my experience.


bathmate said...

This is wonderful posting. Thank you.