11g Database Creation with DBCA

After successfully completing Oracle 11g on Red Hat Linux(v4), I thought of creating a new database using DBCA utility instead creating manually. While using DBCA utility to create a new database, I have found following three new changes:

1. If no listener is configured, DBCA utility prompts a message to configure a listener first.
2. Security Settings gives the following options:
- Keep the enhanced 11g default security settings(recommended)These settings include
enabling auditing and a new default password profile.
- Revert to pre-11g default security settings
3. Automatic maintenance task tasks
such as optimizer statistics collection and proactive advisor reports.
The default maintenance windows are 10:00 pm to 2:am on weekdays and all weekend long.

When I count records from v$system_event, surprisingly, I found only 77 records? Is it okay?


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Anonymous said...

BTW another, for a lot of people nice edition, is the possibility to enable and configure the XMLDB protocol server (part of the listener config) straight away, while using dbca. You can find this option under the button for "standard options".