11g Installation

Last night I was able to successfully installed Oracle 11g on Red Hat Linux(v4). The only problem I have faced during the installation stage (the prerequisite check stage) was about missing Red Hat rpms (three) and minimum memory required for installation(I have installed on a virtual machine with 700+M) .

I am very inquisitive to test RMAN enhancements and also Active Standby Database feature.



Mohammed Moinuddin Umair said...


Even I have the same problem.

I increased the memory of virtual machine.But I dont know from where I can get that rpm.

Kindly tell from where I can download rpm.


Anonymous said...

Need your Advice.

I have a hard time trying to do
upgrade from 9208 to on Unix env.

The log_archive_format in 9i is %t_%s

and 11g expect %t_%s_%r

We are in archive log mode.

So after lot of trials I did fix the issue by changing the log_archive_format in 9i and then starting the upgrade.

Now that was fine for stand alone DB.

I need your thoughts how would we do this for a Data Guard configuration.
We have a primary and 2 physical standbys.

Has anyone tried that. Oracle support is useless. They still have no clue how to do that. I am not surprised.

Thanx Keep Blogging. It is useful.