I am Oracle ACE Director NOW

Hello everyone,

Very quickly, I just would like to share yet another happiest moment of my life with everyone out there. I am now honored with Oracle ACE Director and glad to join the elite panel of Oracle ACE Directors.

I am indeed thankful to all my friends, fellow Oracle experts, in particular, who have nominated me for this award. With this honor, I felt like my contribution and responsibility towards the Oracle community has been greatly heightened.  Therefore, I will put all efforts within my capacity to meet the expectations and I promise you all that I will keep sharing my knowledge and experience with Oracle community.

Take a moment from your valuable time to scan through my profile at Oracle ACE site, use the following URL:





Yasir said...

Many congratulations to you for your achievement!!

Ravi Madabhushanam said...

Congratulations Jaffar.
We wish you all the success.

Eddie Awad said...

Congrats! Well deserved.

Joel Garry said...

Good show!

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Noons said...

Well done, Syed.

Syed Zaheer said...


Jaffer bhai. You really deserved it.

May ALLAH give you success in all your future endeavors....

Alf mabrook.

Zee said...


Marko Sutic said...

Nice achievement ;-) well deserved!

Vishwanath Sharma said...

Congrats Jaffer keep up the gud work

Sangram Keshari Dash said...

Many Congrats !!!

Sangram Keshari Dash said...

Many Congrats !!!

Yury said...

Hey Jaffar,

This is a great achievement! Keep up the good work!