Series: Oracle Exadata Command Reference by Arup Nanda

A very famous and world known Oracle expert Mr. Arup Nanda has written a four series article about Oracle Exadata technologies. The four-part series contains the following:

  • Part 1: Jumpstarting on Exadata – a quick primer on Exadata, its components and inner workings. If you are new to Exadata, this installment is definitely for you.
  • Part 2: Command Categories, Configuration, and Basic Commands – an overview of the categories of commands you need to master, and a look at the different configuration activities after you get a brand-new Exadata rack
  • Part 3: Storage Management – a detailed explanation of the CellCLI and DCLI commands, all their parameters and options, and how they are used for managing storage cells
  • Part 4: Metrics and Reporting – a system is not very useful unless you can measure its effectiveness and fine-tune it. This installment will explain the commands related to gathering statistics and reports on Grid Control and how they are used for troubleshooting.
Visit the following URL to read the articles.

Thank you Arup once again for your excellent work and contribution towards the Oracle community. We indeed love and admire your professionalism.

Happy reading...


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