Backup2Cloud - a backup/restore automation utility

For cost optimization and flexibility, its a good idea to go with Oracle Database backup cloud services. The Oracle Database Backup Cloud service can actually compliment with the existing backup strategy by providing an off-site storage location in the cloud.

The bck2cloud utility is easy to use, install and secures the data. It simplifies the RMAN backup/restore operations when using the Oracle Backup Cloud Services. Once you subscribe to the service, you simply need to download  module from the OTN and install it on the database host. Once the module is successfully installed, you then need to configure the RMAN settings. With the utility, all data transfers strictly between the database instance and Oracle backup cloud account controlled by the customer.

Following operations are supported by the utility:

  • RMAN Operations
  • Cloud Storage operations
  • Password Encryption operation
  • Install Oracle Public Cloud (OPC) Module operation

Bck2Cloud simplifies and perform many RMAN operations:
  • Backup : all levels/types of backups (full, incremental, spfile, controlfile etc)
  • BckReport : provides information about all backups
  • BValidate : Validates backups
  • Crosscheck :
  • DelBck
  • ListBck
  • ListInc
  • Recovery
  • Restore
  • RPreview
  • Rvalidate

For more details and examples, read the Oracle White paper mentioned below:


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