Benefits from Oracle Backup to could service

Organizations treat their data as an asset. In this regards, the top priority for them is data availability and protection from all sorts of disasters. We have seen more and more organizations investing huge amount of money to achieve continuous data availability and safeguard the data form any aspects. Keeping the data backups off-site also become one of the critical factors of data protection policy. Traditionally, following model is followed by many organizations (image taken from Oracle white paper)

Oracle database backup cloud service offers very flexible and strong protection from disasters:
  1. Backups are always available over the internet and for immediate recovery need
  2. Data is transparently replicated across multiple nodes in the same geographic region
  3. Provided end-to-end security
  4. Supports all levels of Oracle editions, DB version >=10.2.5, and compressions
  5. Supports all RMAN operations
  6. low cost solution
  7. leverages MAA configuration and BP
  8.  Guaranteed backup and recovery operations
High level of OCB architecture: