Whats in Exadata X8 Server 19.2 Exadata Database Machine?

This blog post quickly scan through the new features of Exadata Database Machine in 19.2 and also hardware capacity and change in Exadata X8 server.

  • Exadata Database Machine Software 19.2.0, supports Exadata X8-2 and X8-8 hardware
  • Changes in IORM's flashcachesize and Disk I/O limits attributes
  • To control the cost of Exadata storage, X8 introduced a new configuration, Exadata Storage Extended (XT)
  • The XT model comes with 14TB hard drives with HCC compression capacity
  • The XT model doesn't have flash drive
  • The lower cost storage option comes with one CPU, less memory and without the core feature of SQL offloading
  • Exadata X8 server has the below hardware capacity per rack:
    • Limit of 912 CPU core and 28 TB memory
    • 2-19 database servers
    • 3-18 cell storage
    • 920 TB of RAW flash capacity
    • 3 PB of RAW disk capacity



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