Oracle Database Upgrade made easy with AutoUpgrade utility

Upgrading Oracle database is undoubtedly a daunting task which requires a careful study, planning and execution to prevent any potential post upgrade shortcomings. Since Oracle determined to release a new Oracle version every year, at some-point-of-time, we all should focus on upgrading databases quite often than we used to perform earlier.

Thanks to AutoUpgrade tool(utility), available with MOS Doc ID : 2485457.1, automates all upgrade process procedure without much human intervention or inputs. For latest AutoUpgrade utility version, always refer the MOD note and download. Though, with 12.2(DBJAN2019RU), 18.5 and 19.3, the AutoUpgrade utility available by default under the oracle home.

AutoUpgrade is a command-line tool which can be used to upgrade one or many oracle databases with one command and a single configuration file. This utility automates upgrade process, such as, pre-upgrade tasks, performs automated fix-ups, perform database upgrade and run through post upgrade tasks as well. This saves a huge time and money when upgrading hundreds of databases in any environment.

I am pretty sure AutoUpgrade make DBA's like easier when it comes to Oracle database upgrade. Have fun and test the capabilities of the tool.

MOS Doc ID : AutoUpgrade Tool (Doc ID 2485457.1)

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